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Deze en onderliggende paginas zijn in het engels om ook voor internationale bezoekers informatief te zijn.

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Current Projects

These are the project that are currently running in Tkkrlab, if you have an idea for a project put it on the grabbag page.

If you start a project make your own project page with the participants.

Many project involve Arduino (Open Source electronics prototyping platform)

Check also our How to's for instruction on eg how to make a PCB and more.




HAM Amateur radio



Tkkrlab Space

Leefbaar Tkkrlab presenteert een stapel plannen om de space te verbeteren. Alles is nog ter discussie, heb je een mening, zet die er dan bij. Een snelle schets van hoe het er ongeveer uit gaat zien staat op floorplanner: [1]



Dead/paused projects

  • Nothing dead yet.


Zie ook onze agenda

(online) Tutorials


  • PythonCourse learn to program with python and pycairo library, interact with other PC's or Arduino's.
  • Workshop_Arduino Workshop Arduino as given with the Gogbot (dutch/englisch)
  • WordPress_Workshop create your own site simple with WordPress, from getting space on the internet to setting up and managing a simple internet site.


If you need any inspiration to get started take a look our grabbag page with good links to other sites.

Old projects

Lijst Alle projecten

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  Project Name Project Status Project Owner
Hv Power supply Hv Power-supply .1% Duality
Arcade RetroPie Arcade RetroPie 100% Zeno4ever
LedPet LedPet 100% zeno4ever
Mini A5 Laser Mini A5 Laser 100% zeno4ever
SpaceState ESP SpaceState nodeMCU ESP8266 Clock 100% zeno4ever
Arduino Radar Arduino Radar 100% finished Michiel Brink, Tim, Thomas
Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle 100% finished
Gigatron Gigatron 100% finished #FFAA5E
Power on delay relay Power on delay relay board 100% finished FriedZombie
Single shot 2X relays Single shot 2X relay board 100% finished FriedZombie
Tkkrduck Tkkrduck 100% finished FriedZombie
Midi Organ Midi Organ 4.2% finished Duality and Renze
NodeMCU Webserver NodeMCU Webserver 5% finished #FFAA5E
EtherLight EtherLight 99.9% finished User:JoeyJo0
Pixelmatrix Pixelmatrix 99.9% finished fridgefire and Duality
Big CNC machine Big CNC machine Actief Eric-Jan ,Peter ,fridgefire
Cnc machine cnc machine Actief tkkrlab
ArduSat ArduSat emulation Active zeno4ever
Commodore64 VT100 Emulator Commodore64 VT100 Emulator Active Peterbjornx
Tkkrlab Token Ring Network Tkkrlab Token Ring Network Being designed JoeyJo0, Jawsper
Mate butter Mate butter Done FriedZombie
1D-PONG 1D Pong Finished Zeno4ever
ValveAmplifier Valve Amplifier Finished user:peterbjornx
Brain Machine Brain Machine Finished, kind of FFAA5E
13cm wrt54g amplifier 13cm wrt54g amplifier In progress fridgefire + Renze
3D printer cheat sheet 3D printer cheatsheet In progress Oscar Spierings
Quadcopter Quadcopter In progress Michielbrink and Vondel
OpenROV OpenROV Investigating availability of parts Ylebre & Jawsper
Tube Socket Print your Tube Socket Need more documentation Duality and Peterbjornx
Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil WIP user:peterbjornx
TapeDelay Tape Delay/Echo WIP but working Peterbjornx
Laptop Backup Laptop Backup Working fridgefire
Beepkit Beepkit finished fridgefire
Ledmatrix-clock ledmatrix clock finished Michiel Brink
EspLight EspLight in progress Fridgefire
18Ghz Frequency counter 18Ghz frequency counter {{{Status}}} fridgefire
Anti Bruxism/Teeth Grinding Device (arduino Based) Anti Bruxism/Teeth Grinding Device (arduino Based) {{{Status}}} Toby
Atxmega Atxmega {{{Status}}} millibit
Dobbelsteen Dobbelsteen kit {{{Status}}} Friedzombie en Renze
Dooraccess - ondernemersnetwerkbieb Door access business network {{{Status}}} Dave / Aat
Electronic Load Electronic Load {{{Status}}} Michiel Brink, firmare: Renze
Game Boy Ram Write and Read with Arduino Game boy Ram read and Write by arduino {{{Status}}} lsneon
Ledboard Ledboard {{{Status}}} jawsper
Lock-O-Matic 2.0 Lock-O-Matic 2.0 {{{Status}}} Renze
Network Flashing light Network Flashing Light {{{Status}}} Retrace
Pixelflut Pixelflut / Pixelflood {{{Status}}} fridgefire
Snes Controller Emulator Snes Controller Emulator {{{Status}}} User:jawsper
TS6090 TwenSpace laser cutter TS6090 Laser cutter {{{Status}}} Zeno4ever
Tkkrlight Tkkrlight {{{Status}}} Michiel Brink
Vending Machine Vending Machine {{{Status}}} {{{Owner}}}
Wiimote Multi-touch Whiteboard Wiimote Multi-touch Whiteboard {{{Status}}} User:Stelt
XBOX 360 RF Module XBOX 360 RF Module (reverse engineering) {{{Status}}} Peterbjornx
Endfed antenna coil endfed coil {{{Status}}} {{{Owner}}}
Litecoin mining litecoin mining {{{Status}}} michiel brink