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Project: LedPet
LedPet Picture.jpg
Name LedPet
Initiator zeno4ever
Status 100%
Skills Basic Electronics, Software (C)
Summary Hat with LED strip controlled by Arduino nano

Pet (dutch for hat) with 95 LEDS and selectable program via switch. You can chose between patterns with the switch.


  • colorWipe : Fill strip with color (and next color)
  • knightRider : What would be a LED strip without this option.
  • rainbowCycle : Cycle rainbow colors over the strip.
  • police : Warn everyone that the police is coming.
  • LightBrightnessVU : Testing program for light sensor.
  • theaterChase : Showtime
  • randomPix : Put random pixel on strip and fade out. Select Green for 'matrix' effect.
  • Demo : cycle between all above modes.

Download source here (be sure to download NeoPixel Library from adafruit)

LedPet schematic.png


Parts List