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Project: Pixelmatrix
Pixelmatrix Picture.jpg
Name Pixelmatrix
Initiator fridgefire and Duality
Status 99.9% finished
Skills Artnet, Networking, OLA,
Summary a led matrix with pixel's


What to do if you are a member of Tkkrlab and there is money for projects , right !! Build a matrix.

It´s build by fridgefire (Michiel brink) and the py-art-net software is made by Duality.

How It works

  • The controller is a raspberry pi B+ 2 (the quadcore version)
  • For standalone use, the program py-art-net send artnet to localhost.
  • OLA (Open Lighting Architecture) transforms artnet to spi for the LEDS.


overkill 2015


we are on rtvoost for a little while

Green Fibrations festival 2015

2015-05-13 20.46.21.jpg 2015-05-13 20.46.55.jpg Midi.jpg

Green Vibrations After intro party 2015

The Pixelmatrix on the background ;)

BYOB twente 2015

Gogbot 2015

eth-0 winter 2015

hackerhotel 2015

Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Green Vibrations festival 2016

GreenVibrations2016 01.jpg GreenVibrations2016 02.jpg GreenVibrations2016 03.jpg

Haxogreen 2016

Zuiderfestival 2016

Gogbot 2016


pong audio FFT snake on ceiling


product link price pcs total price
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 20.92 1 20.92
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 21.61 1 21.61
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 20.98 1 20.98
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 21.67 1 21.67
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 21.2 1 21.2
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 18.95 1 18.95
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 20.43 1 20.43
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 19.21 1 19.21
20PCS/string WS2801 led pixel module 20.73 1 20.73
12V 20A power supply 17.67 1 17.67
5mm shrinktube 5m 1.1 1 1.1
1,60 x 2,50 trailer net 13.77 1 13.77
40cm tension rubber 7.04 1 7.04
ecotools shipping 4.95 1 4.95
raspberry pi B V2 38.5 1 38.5
sd card 6.6 1 6.6
tie-wrap min 10cm zip length. max 2.5mm width 2.99 2 5.98
total: 275.33000000000004


It´s a simple design. There are 20 pixels on one ledstring. Cut the string in half so you got two strings with 10 pixels each. Do this multiple times and make sure you have 17 strings of 10 pixels. Pixel.jpg
secure the strings with cable ties on the trailer net. Pixel-montage.jpg
Connect the 17 strings together. Connect the data and gnd lines in series and connect the voltage rail (and the other ground) in parallel. You have to connect the voltage rail only on the top of the matrix. Pixel-verbinding.jpg
Connect it to the raspberry pi. Warning!! voltage and current is different. WS2801raspi.png
Connect the 12V on the ledmatrix to a power supply with a minimal current of 12A.


We are using multiple software. for normal use without gui, we use py-art-net. It´s based on the OHM2013 software and Duality extended it for the Pixelmatrix.

For live use at music festivals I am building Artnet support into minotor my fork.

also, glediator is awesome software to, but it isn´t opensource.

Request IP

To find the IP adress of the Pixelmatrix, you can use an artpol scan.