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Arcade RetroPie


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Project: Arcade RetroPie
Arcade RetroPie Picture.jpg
Name Arcade RetroPie
Initiator Zeno4ever
Status 100%
Skills Laser Cutter, 3D printer
Summary Arcade joystick with RetroPie (on Raspberry Pi 3)


A emulation of the best games of the old retro machines on RetroPie, including Amiga and C64. My main purpose of this page is to direct you to the sources I found on the internet. This wil not be a step for step instruction, use your own brains ;-)

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 as hardware with RetroPie for all the emulation software.

For the case i created my own, you will find here the corner parts and lasercut files. The case is made of 2 mm acrylic plate, to be honest this is to thin to be sturdy enough, so I made the top plate stronger to added a wood 3 mm top plate and add a 'rib' in de middel of the joystick. With this the joystick feels sturdy enough.

If you want to see this joystick in action you can see it at makerspace TwenSpace

Needed parts

Part 2

I added active cooling (that I had laying around) and an external USB connector. To fit it all I had to adjust the backplate.


Practical tips per emulation and where to find the ROMS.


I use the default MAME emulation (mame2003) that use 0.78 roms, be sure you use the right ones

  • MAME 0.78 ROMS part 1 and 2


Tip : You have to put your adf files in the roms/amiga-data/Games_ADF directory and download the files from whdownload, use 'Build amiga games' in the retropie setup menu to build startable games from the selection menu. Warning whit the default setup you can't exit the amiga emulation, this is still on my todo list to solve.


  • vice


Atari 2600

More Links

You can find more informatie on