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Project: Valve Amplifier
ValveAmplifier Picture.jpg
Name Valve Amplifier
Initiator user:peterbjornx
Status Finished
Skills Electronics, High Voltage, Audio
Summary A valve amplifier.

When Duality showed me his collection of electronic valves i asked him if i could build an amplifier with them.

Based on the characteristics of the valves i could choose from i chose to use the RCA-75 ( a duplex-diode + high-mu triode ) for the input stage and a 6C5G for the end stage, i then started calculating the component values to get the right amplitude and bias, after i was done doing that and had double , no- triple checked my design i built on a piece of plastic, i drilled holes matching the valve footprint and used terminal strips to connect them, i mounted the parts floating on their connectors.

I used Duality's valve based bridge rectifier together with a variac for the 120VDC supply and my cellphone as an audio source, in this configuration my amplifier was able to power the large speakers in the hackerspace.

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Amplifier Schematics
Entire setup
The speaker, with peterbjornx in it for scale
Older version, to show conenction method