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My alias Zeno4Ever, my real name is Dave Borghuis.

TL;DR Geek, see also my blog

From young age i was always interested in computers, starting with the Commodore 64 and later the Amiga. I also started the first Amiga computerclub in Oldenzaal (ACCO from 1989 till 1991).

I always like to visit events that had to do with computers, i have been to many HCC conventions, Amiga conventions in Köln (Germany) and the HIP,HAL,HAR eth0 summer camps.

After my visit of the eth0 summer 2010 I get to know makerspaces and fablab truck and thought why is this not in Twente. So I decided to create a makerspace and you see the results of this here.

I was kandidate for 2017 2e kamer election (nr 26 on the list for Pirate Party)

Right now I am the active member in TkkrLab Foundation and organize many things.

If you want to contact me at e-Mail: dave or Twitter or Facebook

I am also mostly online on the irc of Tkkrlab (freenode, #tkkrlab, user zeno4ever)

Initiator of

For the following initiatives i was involved in starting one way or other


I gave the followning workshop / lectures.


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Other sites / Social media


Note to my self AKA Ideeen voor projecten