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13cm wrt54g amplifier +13cm amplifier for ATV at 2,3Ghz made from a wrt54g router  +
18Ghz Frequency counter +a 18 Ghz frequency counter  +
1D-PONG +{{{Summary}}}  +


3D printer cheat sheet +Een lijste met handige tips voor het 3d printen  +


Anti Bruxism/Teeth Grinding Device (arduino Based) +Arduino device that utilizes a pavlov reaction to stop nighttime teeth grinding/bruxism  +
Arcade RetroPie +Arcade joystick with RetroPie (on Raspberry Pi 3)  +
ArduSat +Simulation of a ArduSat for the Gogbot  +
Arduino Radar +A Radar made with an Arduino  +
Atxmega +Toepassingen voor atxmega controllers  +


Beepkit +An IR to sound converter  +
Big CNC machine +A big CNC  +
Brain Machine +Creating a Brain Machine after an idea by Mitch Altman  +


Cnc machine +bouw van cnc machine voor TkkrLab  +
Commodore64 VT100 Emulator +I'm writing a VT100 emulator for the C64.  +


Dobbelsteen +Tkkrlab style dobbelsteen; voor gebruik als kit bij soldeercursus  +
Dooraccess - ondernemersnetwerkbieb +A door access system for business people at library  +


Electronic Load +A cheap powerfull Electronic Load  +
Endfed antenna coil +{{{Summary}}}  +
EspLight +a cheap esp-12 led strip controller  +
EtherLight +A nice device for turning OSC signals into DMX.  +


Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle +Create program to generate SVG file with design for puzzle  +


Game Boy Ram Write and Read with Arduino +being able to Read and Write to a Gameboy Cartridge, via the arduino interface.  +
Gigatron +Building (mainly soldering) the Gigatron TTL microcomputer  +


Hv Power supply +A power-supply for powering e.g. vacuum-tubes or indicator lights, or nixies.  +


Laptop Backup +A way to backup a laptop  +
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