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Member since autumn 2011. Novice where electronics and mechanical things are concerned. Although I'm sometimes stymied by a Debian based Linux distribution problem, I usually get it to do what I want. At some point in time I used pascal, fortran 77, java, python, and a few other languages.

Current project(s)

Finished projects

On hold

  • 3D street art and similarly challenging perspective drawings.
  • Doing something sensible with a heart rate sensor belt, like HRV analysis.
  • Building a watch, with lots of help and not much tempo. The first prototype is not really wearable, but it gives me an alarm function which is not available in real watches or stopwatches. The thing is Arduino Uno based.


More than I can ever hope to do. Likely to be executed are:

  • DIY mechanical clock,
  • Vertical plotter