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Event OHM2013
Name OHM2013

Duration 2013/07/31 - 2013/08/04
Information Observe, Hack Make

* Location: Geestmerambacht

TkkrLab Village

TkkrLab goes to OHM2013. We plan to gather everyone from TkkrLab to one location and have a good time.

You can find us on the corner of Disk Drive and Battery Avenue. We are also listed on the map of Ohm, to the right of T1/Orwell Hall on the O field.

See also (and update!)

everything we bring to ohm2013

In general bring your own personal care (ofcourse) and a bed and laptop is handy.


  • promotion things
    • stickers
    • A5 folders
    • namecards
  • Klapperpistool
  • pizza maker
  • LED strip from tkkrlab
  • party tent
  • beamer
  • 1943 arcade (will be on display on rainbow island)
  • schaar voor de stickers

michiel brink

  • led matrix
  • tent for michiel brink and peter
  • quadcopter (if he is finished)
  • laptop (I take my laptop on the train)
  • a suitcase with clothes
  • electric cooler
  • a suitcase with bed things like air mattress and pillow
  • DECT Telephone
  • a folding chair ?


  • personal stuff
  • tent for 2 persons (1 place left)
  • a folding chair
  • DECT Telephone


  • Personal stuff(Tent, clothes, etc)
  • PC + 2 LCD monitors(Not sure)
  • Laptop
  • Party Tent (Depends on if I can get transport)
  • Fridge (Depends on transport and if people want)
  • DMX Stuff(+LedStrips?)
  • Flightcase with Audio stuff(SoundCard, LackRack + EQ, Mixer)


  • iglo tent, slaapzspullen
  • betonmix bak
  • nevelaar met ledjes
  • suikerspin machine
  • party tent
  • gaas of een netje voor over de party tent waar de suikerspin machine in staat
  • oude grove grote tafelpoot voor onder de suikerspin machine
  • mits mogelijk een cambridge soundworks speaker setje en een oude 17 inch LCD
  • wiener melange
  • laptop #6


  • Zeno : Team Content & Team Avid
  • bigred : Team Avid
  • Jurjen : Team Gopher
  • Ross : Team Retro
  • JoeyJo0 : Team LOC & Team Avid
  • michiel brink : Team Avid
  • Hoxolotl: Team "what does this button do? Oh look! Something shiney over there!"
  • Peter
  • Victor
  • Ylebre
  • ...add your name...