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Surprise, surprise, this was the first wiki asking me to put a biography in for account creation. Doing so at a time when everybody is scared about surveillance, NSA, GHCQ and the lack of privacy.

Let me describe what I did for the RepRap movement. I'm user Traumflug about everywhere.

  • Maintainer of Teacup Firmware, RepRap supposedly smallest (fits into an Arduino Nano) and fastest (has been demonstrated to generate 530'000 steps/second) Firmware. Teacup is also pretty universal, works on about every ATmega based controller and increasingly on ARM based ones.
  • Creator of Generation 7 Electronics, latest version is Gen7-ARM 2.0. Gen7 is pretty unique in it's design for DIY-ability and easily makeable for anybody able to hold a soldering iron.
  • Creator of the Mantis Electron 0.9, an affordable, yet precise printer capable of printing, currently mainly used to mill PCBs.
  • Occasional admin on