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Cellular GSM/GPRS x
Color LCD x x
SD data Logging module x x x
GPS logger + GPS Module kit x x
GPS Shield x x
Arduino Joystick PCB only x
Arduino Joystick Kit kit x
L298N Power motor drive x
Proto shield x
Proto Shield kit x x x x x
Proto Shield PCB x x
Mega Protoshield x
Mega Protoshield PCB x x
Mega Proto Shield Kit x x x x
Mega Sensor Shield x
Sensor Shield x
Micro SD kit x
MicroSD Shield 5V x x
MicroSD Shield 3.3V x
Midi breakout kit x
midi Shield x x
MP3 shield x x x
Prototype Shield + breadboard x x
ProtoShield Kit (SparkFun) x
ScrewShield x x
ScrewShield v1.5 x x
Ethernet v2 x x x x x x
Wiznet Ethernet Shield x
VoiceBox Shield x x
Xbee shield x x x x x
Danger Shield x x x
Motor/Stepper/Servo kit x
Quad IRF540 power output x
Wave Shield kit x
Wave Shield x
Motor Shield Kit x x x x
Motor Shield x x x
Motor Shield PCB x
FTDI Basic Breakout 3.3V usb adaptor x
FTDI Basic Breakout 5V usb adaptor x
ArduPilot – UAV Controller x
LCD Keypad Shield x x
TellyMate - Video Output Shield x
Music Shield x
WiFly Shield x x
CAN-Bus Shield x
DFRobot Input Shield x
Graphic LCD4884 x
LoL Shield – Green x
LoL Shield – Red x x
Nano I / O x
Roboduino Ethernet Shield x
Mega Proto Kit x
Mega Proto PCB x
USB Host Shield x x
Video Game Shield x
WiiChuck Adapter x
Wireless Programming Module x
Mini usb adaptor x
wifi shield x
power shield x