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Laser Cutter


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TkkrLab Laser Cutter CW3040.jpeg


Don't use the following materials :

  • PVC plastic of other material containing chlorine,
  • Teflon or other materials containing fluorine,
  • Natural Rubber, silicon rubber is ok
  • Not recommended Polycarbonate (also known as Lexan, it produces a ugly edge and smokes like crazy).

If you are not sure you can use this diagram to identify the material

ALWAYS keep an eye on your job when the laser is working. Don't leave it unattended, it could catch fire.

If you want to buy your own material you could check out the following shops :


  • We use mainly Inkscape, download this here
  • For instructions for Illustrator (use the template from tkkrlab)
  • Download Visicut, in version 1.7.9-51 or later you can download under menu 'Options --> Download recommended settings : Select "Netherlands, Enschede: TkkrLab"'. This wil also be asked the first time you start VisiCut.
  • For older versions of visicut, download setting for TkkrLab
  • Start visicut and use menu 'Extra --> Install Inkscape Extension' to install the plugin in Inkscape. This only have to be done once.

All needed templates and setting can also be found in this download


Turn on the laser

Switch on the laser, the airflow and water cooling should start automagicly

TkkrLab Lasercutter turn on.JPG

Put in the material

The table have to be on the right height so that the laser is focused. Use the turning knob to adjust the table hight.

TkkrLab Lasercutter adjust.JPG

On the table inside right side there is a red line, the top of the material should align to this red line.

TkkrLab Lasercutter adjusted.JPG

The material is now set, use your favorite vector program like Inkscape.


For more instructions how to use inkscape for lasercutter check out this manual from makerspace ZB45

In Inkscape make something you want to cut. If you have your design done select what you want to cut and use menu 'Extensions --> Lasercut path --> Open in Visicut'

Usefull external links :

Inkscape Extensions

Box makers


If you use a font commercial check the licence!


For instructions of visicut check FabLab Berlijn

Select the right material and use the material tab. Depending on what you want to cut or engrave you can review your settings in tab "Laser settings".

For the power / speed setting see the presets as a starting point, you can always adjust these according your own preference.

Use EXECUTE to start the laser cutter job.


  • New brains Smoothie board
  • Software compatible : Visicut, Inkscape
  • Port : IP
  • Item Code: CW3040
  • Working Table Size: 300 *400mm
  • Laser Tube : CO2 glass Tube
  • Laser Power : 60W
  • Cutting Speed : 0-2000 mm/min
  • Engraving Speed : 0-3000mm/min
  • Resolution : ±0.05mm /1000DPI
  • Motor : Stepper
  • Power Voltage : AC 110-220V±10%,50-60Hz
  • Working Environment : 0-45? 5-95% (humidity)
  • Power consumption : 300W (Total)
  • Table type : Aluminum (Optional upon needs)
  • Coolingmode : Water-cooled system
  • Cutting thickness : 3-4mm (upon materials type)
  • Rotary device : optional
  • Packing Size : 123*79*60cm
  • Gross Weight : 77/kg

Controller board

No longer in use we replaced this with a Smoothie clone board. The original was:

External Links

If you want to improve the laser check the following links

Inkscape boxmaker settings

Kerf 0.600 mm
Clearance 0.450 mm


focusing: link

how to maintain a laser cutter: maintenance

Water Cooling

If you need to replace the water in the water cooling replace it with Demi water with 10% antivries (in case the room can get < 0c).

Air Filter

  • Transport keep it upright (or let it rest 96 hours).

Replacement parts

  • Laser tube around € 250 (should last between 4000 hours (if you use always full power) - 10000 hours (if you only use engraving).
  • Replacement Air filter : cost € 85 for active carbon, € 200 for the rest (285 of the whole filter)). Expected life 2 years
  • Mirror € 80,=
  • Lens 38 mm € 250,=