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Hackaday meetup


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Event Hackaday meetup
Name Hackaday meetup

Duration 2016/04/23 - 2016/04/23

* Location: TkkrLab
* Open from: 14:00

This meetup is to inspire people to participate in the Hackaday contest.

Hackaday have every year a contest to create 'invention' that make the world a better place. This could be anything but focus is on electronics and open source.

There are 5 stages of 5 weeks each, each one you can participate in :

  1. Design your concept
  2. Anithing goes : As the titel says.. anything
  3. Citizen Scienst : Be a Scientist and investigate and publish your results
  4. Automation : Create your own robot or other machine to automate a dull job.
  5. Assisive Technologies : Make something for the less mobile people like exoskeletons, a better wheelchair, a braille display,

About the event, if you have a account join us

See here for more information on this meetup.