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Building my own solar panels.


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Currently I'm not working on this project. so far I've done some research and i already bought the most important parts:

  • 150 monocrystalline solar cells 4.24Wp each, totals to about 636Wp (4 panels with 36 cells each, which means I have 6 spare cells:))
  • 600W Grid tie inverter (china brand Powerjack, input DC 28-55v. output AC 230v)

With the cells i also got plenty of tabwire and solder flux.

Parts still needed:

  • buswire
  • bypass diodes
  • (greenhouse) glass (8 x 1sqm plates, 4mm thick.
  • Aluminum angle or channel bars for framing and mounting
  • High amperage wiring
  • misc parts

For the moment the project is 'on hold' because at the moment I don't have a room to work with the glass panels. Maybe the tkkrlab hackerspace can provide the right space :)