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  • After maximize/focus the linux menu bar je sometimes still in front printje the barsystem screen
  • Timeout is often too quick.. possibly as short as 10 seconds
  • When mis-clicked on entering a mutation the saldo gets 0.
  • Allow withdraw money with a negative number to repair cash differences.
  • Select products via Bar-codes instead of screen or mouse
  • The screensaver looks to be disabled completely.
  • Allow donations in Cash mode.
  • In admin mode allow to show Cash historic view.
  • Number of sales and total amount for each product in admin view.
  • Only allow 15 Euro debit, lock orders after that
  • Show to the user when ordering something that creates a negative saldo or a locked system.
  • Change the stock totals
  • Current total of money
  • Allow to show details in the historic overview
  • Reset month to the current month on entering historic overview again
  • Money always in 2 decimal notation
  • Maintain products in admin mode
  • Maintain members in admin mode
  • Barmode switches default back to person list