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Arduino KY-027 Magic light cup module


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Magic light cup module

Magic Light Cup modules are easy to Interactive Technology Division developed a can and ARDUINO interactive modules, PWM dimming principle is to use the principle of two modules brightness changes. Mercury switches provide a digital signal that triggers the PWM regulator, through the program design, We can see the light like two cups filled with the effect of shuffling back and forth.

Example Code

// G connect to GND
// + connect to 5V
// L connect pin 6(1st module) & 5(2nd module)
// S connect pin 7(1st module) & 4(2nd module)
int LedPinA = 5;
int LedPinB = 6;
int ButtonPinA = 7;
int ButtonPinB = 4;
int buttonStateA = 0;
int buttonStateB = 0;
int brightness = 0;
void setup ()
  pinMode (LedPinA, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (LedPinB, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (ButtonPinA, INPUT);
  pinMode (ButtonPinB, INPUT);
void loop ()
  buttonStateA = digitalRead (ButtonPinA);
  if (buttonStateA == HIGH && brightness != 255)
    brightness += 1;
  buttonStateB = digitalRead (ButtonPinB);
  if (buttonStateB == HIGH && brightness != 0)
    brightness -= 1;
  analogWrite (LedPinA, brightness); // A few Guan Yuan (ii) ? 
  analogWrite (LedPinB, 255 - brightness);// B Yuan (ii) a few Bang ?
  delay (25);

Note: This experiment requires two modules simultaneously, so buy this product is to purchase two groups