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12V DC 1.5 A Power Adaptor x
12V 2A power supply x
6V (0.7A) Power supply x x
6V 1.5A Power supply x x
5V / 1,2A power supply x
7.5V/1A power supply x
power supply universal x x
USB power adapter x
ATMega328 with bootloader x x x x x
ATMega168 with bootloader x
ATmega328 with RF12demo x
BT (Bluetooth)+ BT USB dongle x
Female Pinheader 40-pins x
experiment shield x
IC Socket (28 pins) x x
pinheader x x x
pinheader female x
USB Cable x x x x x x
usb cable mini x
USB Serial x x x x
USB serial converter Light x x
Breadboard 120x220 mm x
Breadboard HalfSize x
Breadboard Standard x
Breadboard Jumper Wires x x x
Mini Breadboard x x
Breadboard + Wire Kit x x
breadboardje (#SFE07916) x
Compass Module - HMC6352 x
DCF Receiver x
Devantech Compass03 x
Devantech UltraSonic Ranger x
USB to I2C converter x
analog accelerometer x
FM Receiver Module 88-108 x
Humidity and Temperature Sensor x
Keypad 3x4 x
Logic Level Converter x
Step-Up Breakout x
serial 125kHz RFID reader x
PIR Motion Sensor x
RF Link Transmitter and Receiver 434 x
RF Tranceiver Modules 868 x x
Stackable headers x x x
Touch Screen x
Transceiver nRF24L01 x
TTL RS232 Level converter kit x
Ultrasonic Range Finder x
AVR Programmer kit x x
AVR Programmer x
XBee Explorer Regulated x
XBee Module x x
backpanel connectors x
I2C Controlled RGB LED x
Adafruit USB Boarduino
ARDX Kit x
starterpack - Getting Started... x
starterpack – advanced x
starterpack - advanced plus x
A-blocks barebone kit x
Wireless connection kit x
A-Blocks modules x