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Retro Gaming Enschede 2015


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Event Retro Gaming Enschede
Name Retro Gaming Enschede

Duration 2015/06/20 - 2015/06/20
Information Speel SNES, Atari en andere spellen uit de jaren '80-'90

* Location: TkkrLab
* Open from: 12:00


Retro Gaming Enschede

In the '80 - '90 we on Earth send out a lot of images into the outer space. Aliens from Cetruri Alpha 4.2 received this and come to us and try to communicate with the information from that age. Lucky for us they focused on the games of that area and we already deciphered (RGE_ . Help us to understand them and play a lot of games in to find the rest of the message.

Retro gaming enschede 2015.jpg


  • Doors open 12:00
  • Doors closed 2:00 or later
  • Entrance fee: 3 Euro.

Main rules:

  • Access from age 14, (younger with adult supervision)
  • No bags in the game room. You can leave them at the wardrobe.
  • Due to copyright we cannot allow photo/video cameras in the game room.

  • Follow the directions of the staff. In all situations they have the final say and their decisions cannot be taken into question.

For all of the rules see: link

Decrypt with

To decrypt the alien messages we have the following tools available


You want to help us with this event? Great, fill in this form and we will contact you!

Example tasks of Volunteers:

  • Switching out games when asked
  • Tending the Bar
  • Tending the wardrobe
  • Streamline and judge a competition
  • Report conflicts to staff.
  • Enforce rules on visitors (example:tell them to put trash in the trash bin)

When we contact you we will ask you what you would like to do and what not. Will try to cater wishes as best as possible.

We cant guarantee that you will get a task that you would like, or get a task that you will not like.

We will try to give volunteers free time, but that largely depends on the number of visitors and volunteers.


This event is made possible by

  • TkkrLab
  • Overkill
  • .... want your name here? Contact TkkrLab for possibilities.

TkkrLab members

Are you coming ? Please add your name here

  • zeno4ever
  • jawsper
  • ... fill in your name ...