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Tkkrlab arduino las vegas.jpg

Aim: Control a slot machine with OSC messages


  • Arduino
  • Ethernet shield
  • 4 x ULM2003 for controlling the stepper motor
  • slot machine wheel (they were a donation, no idea where it came from)
  • 24 Volt power


We used the following schematic found on the arduino site:

We have 4 stepper motors so we had to have 4 of these. Connect the motors to the right pins of the ULN2003 and the hardware part should be done.


  • Z_OSC libary for the OSC messages

You can download the code we used at github


  • Automatich adjustment if device is powered on. There are light switches on the slot machine, have to connect them to the Arduino and use them.
  • add button to play with it if there are no OSC messages


Hardware: BigRed

Software: Zeno4ever