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This project was created by Heidi on September 13th, 2016.

Goal is to fabricate a simple led strip and attach it at my bed's headboard. Purpose is to let it light up in warm white, matching sunlight. And to have it in such a position that it mimics the location where sunlight should come from. Not from the side (like a simple WakeUpLight) but from overhead.


  • DS1302 clock (not the best, but available)
  • Arduino Nano
  • Random LED and resistor units gathered by Renze
  • One breadboard now useless!

And there was much rejoicing.

Help Heidi wherever you can and laugh at her when she fails.

Current plan (20-09-2016)

  • four ledstrips similar to the ones Dave ordered for his police cap and which everyone (except Heidi) finds completely overkill for this project.
  • attach two ledstrips to top of bedroom window, two strips to bottom of bedroom window
  • slowly turn them on... because four of these amazing led strips will make you insane
  • attach DS1302 realtime clock to Arduino Nano

  • tell RTC to set one start date & time and keep counting
  • Borrowed Dave's spare LED strip \o/ . WS-2812.

Future plan

  • Knutsel the spare LED strip to the Arduino
  • Light it up!