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3D Printer reconstruction


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The 3d printer is dead, long live the 3d printer!

Rebuild from I3 to I2

parts list: Still need:

most of the bearings and pulleys and belts we already have.

The roll of ABS from TukkerLab will be loaned to Duality for printing mendel I2 parts.

a few things that we might want to order from reprapworld are:

We have ordered all of these

The following is a list of what needs to be printed:

Quantity STL file Comments Picture Status
8 bar-clamp.stl 50px Done
3 bearing-guide.stl 2 for y axis idlers, 1 for x idler 50px Done
4 belt-clamp.stl 50px Done
4 belt-clamp-nut-holder.stl 50px Done
2 coupling.stl Two parts are in one STL, print twice. 50px Done
3 endstop-holder.stl 50px Done
2 frame-vertex.stl 50px Done
4 frame-vertex-foot.stl 50px Done
2 rod-clamp.stl 50px Done
1 x-carriage.stl Pictured part fits LM8UU bearings 50px Done
1 x-end-idler.stl Pictured part fits LM8UU bearings 50px Done
1 x-end-motor.stl Pictured part fits LM8UU bearings 50px Done
1 ybrac-t.stl 50px Done
3 y-bushing.stl Pictured part fits LM8UU bearings 50px Done
2 z-motor-mount.stl 50px Done

Order from reprapworld (in progress): ORDER DETAILS: Order Date: 07/18/2014 04:09:52 PM Order Number: 22151

Quantity: Description: Price/unit: Subtotal:

  • 2 Bearing 608ZZ € 0.25 0.5000
  • 4 LM8UU Linear Ball Bearing Slide Bush Bushing (2pcs) € 1.99 7.9600
  • 3 PTFE tubing, 3.18inner/6outer diameter (10cm) € 0.55 1.6500
  • 2 Axial Fan 40x40x10mm 12V € 2.79 5.5800
  • 3 Timing belt 1m x 5mm 2.5mm pitch (T2.5) € 3.50 10.5000
  • 1 Kapton tape - 55MM/33M € 11.99 11.9900
  • 1 Power supply 12V (240/115V / 20A MAX) € 19.99 19.9900