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Anti Bruxism/Teeth Grinding Device (arduino Based)


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Project: Anti Bruxism/Teeth Grinding Device (arduino Based)
Name Anti Bruxism/Teeth Grinding Device (arduino Based)
Initiator Toby
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Skills Arduino, Programming, Wearable, Simple tinkering
Summary Arduino device that utilizes a pavlov reaction to stop nighttime teeth grinding/bruxism

A couple of years ago, my dentist pointed out that I am suffering from bruxism (the clamping kind, not the grinding type). I have created a device that measures muscle contraction using emg, arduino uno and signal filtering by FFT. During nighttime de device reminds you of the teeth grinding with a sound. The sound is not supposed to wake you, but instead after a while a pavlov reaction should set in with makes you stop grinding/clamping.

Please click the URL below to read the full story on Instructables.

The tutorial might also help you with your (totally different) Arduino project on the following different subjects:

   Tips and Tricks on the Olimex EEG shield
   Tips and Tricks on the cheap 2.4” TFT touchscreens (in combination with the Olimex EEG shield)
   Signal filtering with the use of FFT on an Arduino
   Sound generation with software volume control without the use of a library
   Using interrupts on an Arduino
   Using SdFat library for writing and reading your SD-card
   General tips on making a smaller script, so it will still fit in the memory of your Arduino.

I hope you like it!