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Who is flying with this



Currently using a GUI 330X [1]

Parts we need

  • Enough Spare Parts to learn and master full acrobatic flights
    • Props
    • Protection Frame
  • Video Transmitter , perhaps [2]
  • Fatshark Video receiver goggles [3]


  • What are nice project to record on film / photo with a different Angle

Links to nice MultiCopter video's

  • Winter Kite / Matras record [4]
  • Filled Water glass ontop of Multicopter making Loopings [5]
  • Cameroon, very nice, this movie made me buy the copter [6]
  • Mikrokopter with POI (NEW) [7]

Links to Information sites

  • WiKi Chart with commercial and DIY multicopters [8]
  • Build your own Do It Yourself Drones [9]
  • Use Arduino as 'Brain' [10]
  • NG UAVP Next Generation Universal Aerial Video Project [11]
  • Construction [12]