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Project: EtherLight
EtherLight Picture.jpg
Name EtherLight
Initiator User:JoeyJo0
Status 99.9% finished
Skills DMX, Networking
Summary A nice device for turning OSC signals into DMX.


  • 1. Hook the device up the DMX universe.
  • 2. Hook the device up to Ethernet.
  • 3. Apply power.

The device is FTP-approachable through the local IP. User and password are both 'ftp'. Inside are three files:


Change AUTOEXEC.BAT to change the address name of the device. Ignore the IP and port, it's not important. Change CHIP.INI to change the hostname of the chip.

For more info, see: Beck_board_ipc_2001


The device can be talked to with UDP, port 7000. It listens to OSC packets in the following form:


  • /<NAME>/in/dmx<Int> (<NAME> = Address name from AUTOEXEC.BAT, <Int> = Any number 1-128)
  • With any floating point value between the bounds of 0 and 1(inclusive).

An example of an message may be:

  • Address: /JoeyJo0-DMX/in/dmx1
  • Value: 0.5

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