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Dooraccess - ondernemersnetwerkbieb


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Project: Door access business network
Name Door access business network
Initiator Dave / Aat
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Summary A door access system for business people at library

The Door Access system that should be.

Business network library.

The goal is to build a business networking space at the enschede library. For this network the library wants to facilitate a room that is accessible from the library's public space. This means this space is and should be only accessible when the library is opened. This space has to be remodeled and needs a separate door, which means there are enough opportunities to also install electricity and Ethernet on location.

Most likely this system was conceived to keep out thief's that are visiting the library, while still keeping an open character for the business network. For the business network convenience there was some additional functionality desired.

Hub053 The goal is to have a door access system for the hub053 (business?) space. This is a lot like tkkrlab, 24/7 access for members, Ibutton system and display who just entered. Here also there should be no problem installing electricity and Ethernet when needed.

Additional wishes Library system:

1 Before leaving the business network room a visitor should also check out. (this for point 2)

2 you should be able to see via Internet who is present at the network room, so you can decide to speak that specific person with specific knowledge.

3 the need for more personal data than out old system or other systems deliver, data like knowledge of person, areas of interest, and a photo, also name. (to make for easier networking)

4 It as to look right. (mostly the software), (web interface)

5 the activity that is going on at that moment should be visible.

6 There was mention of RFID, because everything else at the library is RFID.

7 A screen that serves the same function that out led matrix provides but with extra functionality.

Additional wishes Hub053 system:

1 See via internal network who has entered.

2 Extra button (web or real) for the host of the space to open the door.

3 Work via Ibutton.

4 have an exit button as the door.

5 The posibility to have an limited amound of access days for aspiring members.

Extra: Library

The delivery of the business network room itself would be January.

A example of what they aproximatly expect would be:

Extra: Hub053

What to do with the ibutton reader status LED since the space is openend 24/7

Hardware: 1 x raspberri pi.

2 x rfid reader.

1 x electrical lock.

1 x monitor to indicates who is in the space, who is entering and what activity is taking place.

1 x A big button to let people out in case of emergency.

(all bobs and bits to bind them)

probably a circuit board to connect it all up.

Software considerations: interfacing with rfid readers (to let people in and out) Generating HTML so web visitors can see what is going on in the space. Running a browser on raspberri pi so the monitor can also display the activity in the space, the people in the space and who is entering the space. Administration via web so that user administration, event administration is as fast and user-friendly as can be.(also considering images of users are needed and events needs to be updates continuously) A database like system to save and manipulate this data.


to other similar systems

something that comes very close