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Started with the CBS ColecoVision because it could be extended with a keyboard later... Then a C64, had a lot of fun at meetings. Started with UNIX (Ultrix) on the Vax in 1990, with Linux (SLS) in 1993. I have my own company, aYniK Software Solutions B.V. and work mostly on (embedded) Linux projects using C, C++, Qt/QML etc. See my resume at to see which conferences I have visited, one of the best was OHM2013. Would like to explore the hardware more but never find the time.

During OHM2013 I learned about TkkrLab and became a member. For SHA2017 I was one of the team leads of team Content, responsible for talks and workshops. It took a lot of time to organise but was worth it! Will probably join to organise SHA2021.