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Event The OverKill Festival 2012
Name The OverKill Festival 2012
Duration 2012/10/26 - 2012/10/28
Information 48+1 hours films & games non-stop

* Location: Fabrieksschool, Kloosterstraat 1, Enschede

The Overkill Festival is a 48+1-hours nonstop gaming and film event. On The Overkill, visitors are confronted with an ‘Overkill’ of popular culture multimedia, with a strong focus on movies, video and gaming. The transcending borders of these media and their corresponding subcultures evolving around get a special attention on the festival as well. This year the festival will be dedicated to underground movies and independent games. Of course we will present all kind of famous and classical games and movies as well. We are working together with different partners to present a crazy and unique cultural event. We will be welcoming artists, media philosophers, game designers and filmmakers from the Netherlands and abroad to get an overview of this subculture. The Overkill festival wants to be a place where all kind of gamers, movie lovers and artists can meet, play and think about the possibilities and consequences of these mediums.


We go to focus on the home computers of the 80's / 90's so for example:

  • Commodore 64
  • Amiga
  • and more....

See also our retro corner for more (technical) details


With the huge development of the Internet in the last 20 years, games have known a really important evolution. And it is now a part of our culture that we cannot ignore. As maybe any influential popular culture item, it transcendent the borders to a lot of different areas. More and more experimentally minded game designers use the aesthetics of video gaming to transmit thoughts and information in a very similar way that art does. Video games have become a real medium for expressions, as painting and sculptures (etc) are. Not to forget the crazy amount of fun !!!


The Overkill wants to present a brought selection of movies : Documentaries to understand and show the numerous links between movies, video art and video games; well-known movie classics which became part of culture to never heard of underground movies and short films. With our partner BUT ( we are able to present a great selection that is stunning as well as new. Symposium

Organizing a symposium in a film and game festival is really important to us. We want to offer our different visitors the possibility to interact and create a debate with our speakers to confront experience to theory, to deepen the understanding of games of movies in our culture. When one subculture is presented through different angles, we expect our visitors to redefine their idea of this world, and we hope to show the numerous possibilities such mediums offer.


The Overkill Festival will welcome artists whose work is inspired and linked to underground movies and independent games. When video games inspire painters, when pixel animation become a base for street artist, when underground movies inspire game designers, our festival wants to share, see and analyzed how those interactions create such a new development in our culture.