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Who is flying with this



Currently using a GUI 330X [1]


I have crashed the basic GUI 330X multiple times now, it started that the protection frame was busted. The kit consists of ALU tubes which bend only once. I'm I bitt of a lazy member, so I didn't took the time to exchange the tubes for something else. The GAUI 330x was flying bobble'ing, the props have worn out aswell, took some trees and branches so during flight the props make a lotta noise. The better the props are balanced and in good shape, the less noise will be created during flight. After driving it around for approx 3-6 hours of flight time it's time to hook up a Camera. It's a DMC-FT1 from panasonic, factory say's it survives a fall from 1.5 meter drops on concrete. I can tell 8 meters on grass is OK also, the Gaui not, sad, will cost jah a new "330X Frame Extension Set" and that will take , 3-4 weeks to deliver :( So called 'seconds' glue will be your best friend, glue 2 broken arms to be 1 again, see picture. Anyway, when I ordered the kit 6(transmitter and gui 330X) I also ordered the Termiator V2 frame, untill tonight (5 juli 2011), I didn't knew it looked that great. It is a kinda wood, so I think 1 crash will be fatal inmediately. The frame is HUGE compaired to the original frame. Next week I will try to add the Camera stand and a FY-20 gyro so the Cam Stand will maintain levelled during flight. It's a 1 axis solution only, so it will only compensate the Pitch. I could try to stable the roll movement also, butt the camstand isn't a roll version. It could, if i want, compensate the Yaw function.


Parts we need

  • [2] TermiatorUpgradeFrame V2 you can order it with a FY-20 combo if lucky and save some bucks.
  • [3] FY-20
  • Drill, some holes are not in the wood, other holes need to be enlarged / grind so the motors fits
  • Electic tubing, I broke some wires so I need to solder and tube them again
  • Best practise, the model is that big that you should consider to re-wire the power system to the ESC's I will do that next time.


Before picture, i took several, to memorize the wires and colors is nice for the first 48 hours. After that, it could mean the props wil rotate wrong when I decide to start using the original frame again.

Step01.jpg Step03.jpg

Take the props and scorpion motors from the body, some grass and sand came of. Unsure from which crash the sand is from.


Next few pictures is just as axplained on the manual. It's a pitty that some holes mentioned in the manual didn't excist in the wood. I used a small drill to make the holes. Also the holes used to fix the motor on the arm are not placed at the right spot. I used again the drill to grind the holes to the right spot.

Step05.jpg Step06.jpg Step07.jpg Step08.jpg

Re-wire, to a shock I experienced that the arms are that long that the original power distribution cable is to short. Best is to keep in mind to create a new distribution cable. Flying with the original wire's is high risk. This because the connectors can slip loose in a good wind burst. I managed allright, butt I will rewire next time i'm at the space.

Step09.jpg Step10.jpg

New props, green for front, new props, less noise, nice action and compensate with wind. I'm so happy flying with this new set, it feels as new again!

Step11.jpg Step12.jpg

Some compare pictures between the 2 frames, please donate a Scale so i could measure the difference in weight! The Termiator frame looks like a monster compared to the original one.

Step15.jpg Step16.jpg Step17.jpg



Is it a plane? NO It it a bird? NO Is it an Upgraded GAUI 330x with a Termiator Upgrade Frame ?? Yeah !!!



During the build I broke some wires, I also ordered a second Lipo battery pack. Somehow my current and the new battery pack are giving 'low' voltage beeps on the Lipo alarm during first minutes of flight. It could be my soldering in the middle of the night. It could be something else aswell, I'm thinking of rewire'ing the craft instead of putting the camstand on it.