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Event Hard disks: More than just block devices
Name Hard disks: More than just block devices
Duration 2013/09/21 - 2013/09/21
Information Lecture is CANCELLED !!

* Location: TkkrLab, Kloosterstraat 1
* Open from: 15:00

Lecture is CANCELLED !! We will plan a new date asap.

Repeat of the talk given on OHM2013.

For more information of the talks on his site or follow him on twitter.

There is no fee, if you want to come please send me a email so i know how busy its get.

From the lecture page OHM:

In this talk, we take a look at one of the more obscure parts of an hard disk: the HD controller. In any cheapo disk, it should do nothing more than channel bits between the SATA-port and the heads on the platter, but what does it actually consist of? And can we make it do some more interesting things?

From an OS view, a hard disk is a very simplistic device: any block you write to it, you can read back later in it's exact same form. You'd almost think a hard disk doesn't do much more than dump the data on the SATA-port directly to it's magnetic surface, and will read it back in about the same way. A cursory look at the PCB of a hard disk will confirm this to the casual observer: there's a motor controller, some RAM and a chip connecting to it all.

That last chip, the hard disk controller, is a mysterious thing. A Google search for most of the part numbers displayed on them will give you no datasheet, no specsheet, not even a mention on the website of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, you sometimes see firmware updates for hard disks, so these chips must have some kind of processor...

A processor also implies something: hackability. In this talk, we'll take a look at a reverse-engineered internal view of these controllers. It's also possible to 'amend' the firmware they run with some routines of our own, and this talk will also demonstrate that.

Video of this OHM2013 talk can be downloaded here.


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