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NodeMCU Webserver


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Project: NodeMCU Webserver
Name NodeMCU Webserver
Initiator #FFAA5E
Status 5% finished
Skills C++, NodeMCU, Linux, file systems
Summary Create NodeMCU webserver with dedicated file system on SD card

Existing webservers for NodeMCU are based on the FAT16 file system, which is limited to the 8.3 filenames. Because the limited RAM of the NodeMCU, the FAT16 file system does not make it easy to store the directory in RAM, which creates some overhead in retrieving files from an SD card. The idea is to design a dedicated file system, that is optimized for reading files when the directory is cached in RAM. The idea is to only write files to the SD card from Linux.

Proposed steps for the project:

  • Design the file system based on a single file
  • Modify the design to also access SD card using ioctl calls
  • Get experience with NodeMCU using Arduino IDE
  • Investigate existing webservers (for the webserver part)
  • Find or develop interrupt based library for accessing SD card
  • Port file system to NodeMCU
  • Profit!