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Cable Memory


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This is a project by Heidi, ans put her as a place for input before she will carry it out.

Goal is simple: create a list of cable types we often use. Heidi will find and Photoshop the images. Idea: to distribute this on the cheap (Hema Puzzelspel) and ship it with the next Christmas gifts to other hacker spaces. If you happen to know the connector code, so I can look it up easily at a cable shop, please add it! Don't add doubles!

The List of 30

  1. USB
  2. Mini-USB
  3. Micro-USB
  4. C 13 Eurostekker
  5. Coax
  6. HDMI
  7. DVI
  8. Jack
  9. Mini Jack
  10. Tulip
  11. XLR
  12. BNC
  13. Zwart-Rood
  14. CEE
  15. Krachtkabel
  16. Displayport
  17. VGA
  18. Sata
  19. USB A-B
  20. Lightning
  21. IDE
  22. UTP
  23. Powercon
  24. Speakon
  25. Firewire
  26. DIN
  27. SCSI
  28. USB Micro 10 pin
  29. Fiber
  30. C15 eurostekker
  31. C7 eurostekker
  32. C20 eurostekker
  33. S-video
  34. PCI-E
  35. Molex
  36. Thunderbolt
  37. Scart
  38. RJ 11
  39. RS232
  40. IEEE1394

Cable shops

with high-res images

How to produce it

Hema creates these nice sets:

And if we order one 'male' set and one 'female' set, we can make 2 male/female sets!