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Initials HF, as in Have Fun or Holy Fuck, depending on how project progresses.

The idea is to have a Huge 3D printer and several systems integrated into one system. These systems having the same basic working principles integrating them into one frame together seems like a practical idea.

The basis is to upscale the Ultimaker ( ) and fit a dremel where the extrusion head is for drilling, have a vacuum in the base and using the table heater (for 3D ABS printing) to heat plastic for vacuum forming.

  • Wood and vacuum beds are a bad combination, the inside of the machine will probably have to be lined with some fireproof material, add a lid on the front and besides fireproofing it's also soundproofing, yaay! (lets hope it doesn't burn the workshop down)
  • the vacuum pump can be used to also get cold air into the frame to cool it down.
  • ultimaker gets its precision mostly because of its kick-ass frame, we will need to see if the wood panels have to be etched to provide said stability.
  • rods will probably be based on holow mesh tubes filled with concrete.
  • positioning system will probably use accelerometers, could somebody tell us why this could be a bad Idea? as I'm not seeing anybody else use these [1]. ([2])

Build order

Tentatively, if we do this build in the right order it might help (this needs some more thought):

  • first the 3D cnc machine, to drill th bottom of the cabinet with holes for the vacuum former, and the rest brackets for the heating bed.
  • then...



Based on a widely available shelving system: "opbergrek Jumbo steel 26383.jpg

  • has 175kg/shelf weight capacity.
  • comes with planks which can be laser etched following the Ultimaker design.

3D printing

  • still have to figure out if buying an Ultimaker kit without the frame is an option.
  • ebay parts
    • motors might not be powerfull enough over 70-90 cm distance, or to pull the drill.
    • a lot of parts like the rods, drive belts, ball bearings and motors might have to be upscaled.
      • I could source some extra heavy duty precisionmade drivebelts from TigerStop BV, but not sure at what price.


  • fix dremel on extrusion head.
  • perfect for making the bits needed for vacuum forming.
  • uses the vacuum to get rid of dust.

vacuum forming

  • Uses the hotbead from the 3D printer to soften the plastic
  • still need to figure out how to get the plastic heating bed and vacuum bed aligned/ meshed up for propper easy use.
    • Probably will make the bed on a pully system so it can be risen to the top of the machine to hang the plastic unter it.
      • lowering mechanism will be in the right place this way.
      • vacuuming is _below_ the 3D printing bed anyways.
      • we already have rails from server racks to safely move the bed up and down on a fixed trajectory.


  • blend file, use [3] to open.
    • the zipped blend file: [4]