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ScieFie Panels


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Scie Fie Panels


Science fiction Panels are most notably refered to as being fielded in Alien, here is a nice youtube movie explaining the principle.

Tech will be based on


  • book case backsides
  • RGB leds (still to be aquired)
  • shitload of old airplane connectors
  • shitload of other connectors
  • plywood



The back of the bookcases are standard 122x61cm parts. need to cut those in 2. use other left over parts to make triangles for support.

  • 30.5 cm slant
  • 15 cm deep
  • 26.56 cm high (gotta love Pythagoras)


30x40cm plywood panels Laser CNC the holes, re-use as much of the parts as possible to hot-glue them back on the panels. Hot glue and plywood == thumbs up. Old plane parts donated by KittLab hot glued in place.

  • we _could_ screw them on, but a single pannel would need 48 screw for one panel, this is not in the budget. ;)


Is being worked on. we salvage speakers and microfones and a power supply, soon we'll start integrating these.


See Pixelmatrix.